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Home Improvement Experts
Looking to get creative? Get expert decorating advice and the resources to help you create a dream kitchen, bathroom, and backyard below.
How They're Chosen

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How We Select DC's Best Home Improvement Experts

October 18, 2018

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These home improvement experts are compiled by Washingtonian editors over the course of a year and include many categories of home improvement, including: Cabinets and Kitchen Designers, Counters, Floors, Tile, and Other Features; Designers and Builders; Furniture Stores; Garden Stores and Nurseries; Landscape Professionals; Large Appliances; and Test Kitchens.

For those looking for experts in particular areas, we have included the state that each expert is located; however, many home improvement experts work all over the Washington area.

Our online listings of expertsí also includes sponsors, which are featured with additional information. To learn more, please email adinfo@washingtonian.com or call 202-296-1246.


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