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September Guest List

A monthly roundup of people we’d like to have over for drinks, food, and conversation

Photo-illustration by Lauren Bulbin

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About Guest List

Guest List is Washingtonian’s monthly roundup of the fantasy cast we’d like to see for dinner this month.

Onraé LaTeal

The DC musician shot an epic video atop 16th Street’s Black Lives Matter mural.

Adam DeMarco

The DC National Guard officer testified to Congress about violence against Lafayette Square protesters.

Mike Lillis

The Hill writer heard Ted Yoho call AOC the B-word­­—and reported it to the world.

Krissah Thompson

The Post’s new diversity chief is the first Black woman in the paper’s history to serve as managing editor.

Stanley Erck

CEO of Novavax, the Gaithersburg biotech that scored a $1.6-billion contract to work on a Covid-19 vaccine.

Disinvited! Greg Aselbekian

As the Covid culture wars raged, he planned a no-masks party at the Trump hotel. It was canceled.


This article initially appeared in our September, 2020 issue.

Photograph of LaTeal by Lenzy Ruffin

Photograph of DeMarco and Lillis courtesy of C-SPAN

Photograph of Thompson by Bonnie Jo Mount/Washington Post

Photograph of Erck courtesy of NBC News

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